Bringing safety to the top is as easy as depressing the NEMA rated foot switch as you prepare to descend the stairway when disembarking the helicopter or ascending the stairway to the heliport to embark on the helicopter.  Doing so activates a 12 volt LED amber flashing warning light and a 118 decibel warning horn and moves the Xtendarail into the "up" position.  Both the warning light and the horn remain engaged the entire time that the Xtendarail is in the "up" position until it is completely lowered in the "down" position.  The Xtendarail moves into position in approximately 6-8 seconds and gives personnel a 32" height hand position on the Xtendarail to move up to or down SAFELY from the heliport. The Xtendarail is built with sturdy aluminum schedule 80 pipe moved through two stainless steel guides.  Articulated structural fittings allow the Xtendarail to be assembled to ANY existing stair rail.  This allows a "3 Point Contact" system to be used in moving up and down the stairways offshore in the ONLY place heretofore not accessible.  The last passenger on or off the heliport once again depresses the NEMA rated foot switch and the Xtendarail moves in to the "down" position.  This turns off the warning light and horn.  Xtendarail is equipped with a mechanical screw access point which allows the rail to be moved either up or down quickly, manually with a cordless electric drill should there be a malfunction.  Utilization of the Xtendarail system virtually removes any possibility of falling down a stairway due to lack of a hand hold position.  It protects personnel from the past requirement of moving up onto or down from the heliport unprotected and BRINGS SAFETY TO THE TOP of each and every location it is installed.  Xtendarail brings confidence to maneuvering in the heliport area of any offshore production platform or drilling rig.  Xtendarail's PLC controlled actuator will also store retrievable information on a memory stick, such as date, time of stroke, stroke direction, and duration of stroke.  This can easily be downloaded onto a PC and shared with anyone.  This is vital information in case of an accident investigation.  Xtendarail protects your company personnel and your company by "BRINGING SAFETY TO THE TOP!"

Bringing safety to the top...


 XTENDARAIL was originally conceived by Troy Breaux  for the commercial industry.  After 20 years of working in the oil industry, 24 hr call as a gas compressor mechanic with countless times flying throughout the Gulf of Mexico, he has developed  XTENDARAIL.  Numerous close calls / near miss accidents taking those first and last 3-4 steps upon the heliport staircases, with no handrail, he decided to  Bring safety to the top!!!

High Winds, Swaying Platforms, Rainy Conditions, Slippery Surfaces, Carrying Baggage

With these conditions at hand, day in and day out.......XTENDARAIL  will make your arrival and departure 100% safer than what's currently available now.



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