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 Xtendarail was developed to bring a high degree of safety to the only place on an offshore drilling rig,  production  platform, hotel, hospital, or private raised heliport that an individual is not able to practice the world  recognized "3  point system" of maneuvering up and down stairs from heliport/helipads.  Our goal is to protect  all of our  customers' employees as they access or depart raised heliports around the world.  Utilizing  Xtendarail's portable  motorized handrail system will bring to your work area, a degree of safety during this  maneuver heretofore not  available.  Our handrail system gives our customers a safe, solid, hand hold while  going up or down from a  raised heliport anywhere in the world.  It will help prevent major accidents such as  slips or falls, and save your  company from employees getting hurt in this, at best, precarious situation.  Our  goal is to eliminate all accidents  that could possibly occur in this area and save time and money for our  customers by doing so.  As our company  motto says, use of our Xtendarail will "Bring Safety to the Top" of all  our customers operations. Our goal is to  help our customers prevent every possible accident which can occur in  this dangerous area of operations  therefore saving time, money, and most importantly, lives.